Nicole Leach 


Meet Nicole, the owner of Sweet Little Details. Nicole's love for antiques, 18th-century architecture, and old books lead her to her dream of owning her own business. Her attention to detail and organizational skills help to create the perfect setting for your big day.

She is the mom of an energetic, passionate daughter and a strong-willed adventurous son. She married her husband in 2016, 5 years after her daughter was born.  The incredibly talented and extremely smart husband is her ROCK and is grateful every day for him. 

Organizing and rearranging things in her house brings her a sense of ease and when she gets bored and needs a change is when those things take effect. A glass of wine is how she winds down at night after a long day of chasing kids and running a business. Her favorite season is fall even though her northern CA town doesn't see much of it. But there's something about those summer nights in the country bring back that 'at home' feeling.


Each piece is handpicked or handmade by her husband which makes each piece special. Each piece has a story to tell and adds just enough detail to your event. It's the Sweet Little Details that make your event memorable. What details will you add to your story?


Our promise to you is for you to have a wonderful, easy experience when you book us for your specialty rentals. Planning a wedding can be stressful and overwhelming. It is our promise to make it an enjoyable time and help you add the Sweet Little Details that tell your story for your wedding. 


Tel 925.391.7954

E Nicole@sweetlittledetail.com

Oakley, California 

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